Red Prom Dresses and White Wedding Dresses
Publisher: Julie Kroll
Date: 2021-07-12T10:06:22+00:00

In many countries, red has the function of expelling evil. In Chinese traditional culture, the color corresponding to the fire in the Five Elements is red. Many palaces and temples have red walls. Because red is easily noticeable, many warning signs are represented by red text or images. For example, red in traffic lights means stop. Red is also seen as a symbol of blood, danger, and terror. Red is often used in politics to symbolize revolution and the left.

Red is considered to stimulate the secretion of human male hormones, so those wearing red clothing can achieve better results in sports competitions. In China, red traditionally represents festive, and they like use red to decorate weddings and the Spring Festival. Red is a color commonly used in Christmas, and it is the color of love.

Red is often used on clothing. It is a popular color in fashion, especially in women's fashion. People often think that wearing a red prom dress is a sign of confidence. Of all the red prom dresses, I highly recommend mermaid prom dresses. Because it can perfectly show your body curve, and it can also show your confidence and vitality.

Compared with enthusiastic red, pure white is often reminiscent of ice, snow and white clouds. White gives people a sense of cleanliness and purity, and it also symbolizes peace and sacredness.

White is one of the people's favorite color, and it is extremely common in clothing. Most people in the eastern festivals like to wear red costumes. In western celebrations, people prefer to wear white clothes. Most people choose a white wedding dress for weddings, and white can mean pure love. White dress is suitable for every girl. I recommend mermaid wedding dresses for ladies with a bit full body.

A small amount of white can brighten up a design, and it can also make the darker reds, greens and blues look more striking. Black and white are the most contrasting combinations you can use to convey a sense of seriousness or comedy.

Different colors give us different feelings. We also choose different colors of clothing according to our own preferences. Some people also judge a person's character and the way of doing things based on color. Color is really an interesting thing.