Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Tips to Excel in Bamboo Furniture Decoration
Publisher: Kazi Asif Mahmud
Date: 2021-06-28T06:01:14+00:00


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, bamboo furniture is eco-friendly and allows you to create an organic feel inside your house. It’s hardy, durable, affordable, and can be used in a variety of ways to improve the decor of your home.


Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you may follow to excel in bamboo furniture decoration:


  1. Bamboo stairs - Normally, the floorboards of stairs are made with marble, wood, or plain mosaic. And, although these can be customized, they cannot match the exquisiteness and sheer beauty of bamboo. Bamboo is sturdy enough to hold the weight of adults and it won’t break easily unless a huge amount of pressure is applied.


You may attach glass to your bamboo handrails. Merging bamboo and glass improves the aesthetics of the structure and makes it appear classier.


  1. Bamboo as cladding material - Bamboo can be used as a cladding material on the entrance gate, main doors, or on your facade to enrich the property with an organic feel. Bamboo is especially pleasing to the eye in a garden or lawn and nature lovers would definitely appreciate such a site. Such bamboo decor can also provide a feel of being in the woods or in a wooden cabin in a deep jungle. You may also use it as a decorative item for fences to give it some personality.


  1. Bamboo furniture in the garden - You can arrange a few bamboo furniture such as a round table and a set of chairs in your garden. It’s also a good idea to plant some bamboo trees just beside the furniture that would keep the area underneath it shaded and safe from the sun. Of course, bamboo trees would take some time to grow but they grow fairly quickly and once they grow fully, they can change the whole ambiance of your lawn or garden.


To further establish the theme, you may get a few bamboo printed pillows or keep things modern by adding a glass or steel fountain near it.


  1. Bamboo furniture in the bedroom - Every bedroom needs a strong bed that you can hop on and relax after a day of hard work. Bamboo can serve as an excellent material for strong and sturdy beds. Usually, the diameter of a bamboo tree ranges from 10 to 12 inches and this makes uninformed people think that the material is not as sturdy as normal wood. However, bamboo is not only strong but very flexible too. As a result, bamboo furniture can absorb sudden impacts that further improve the durability of such furniture.


There are also a lot of options for you to customize the design of your bed according to your liking and requirements. You can further highlight the bed by adding contemporary wood or steel furniture to the bedroom.



Mark Roemer Oakland believes that bamboo furniture is ideal for rustic style or country-style houses. Bamboo decor looks phenomenal in courtyards and gardens but can also serve as functional additions in the living rooms or other sitting areas of the house.